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CSI In South Africa – Excerpt from The King Report on Governance for South Africa, 2009

In the African context these moral duties find expression in the concept of Ubuntu, which is captured in the expression ‘uMuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’, ‘I am because you are; you are because we are.

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Simply put, Ubuntu means humaneness and the philosophy of Ubuntu includes mutual support and respect, interdependence, unity, collective work and responsibility. It involves a common purpose in all human endeavour and is based on service to humanity (servant leadership).” Doing business in South Africa today comes with both legislative (BBBEE) and moral responsibilities.

Corporate Social Investment is no longer a “nice-if-we-can-afford-it” option; it is essential to the health of our businesses and the future development of this unique country we call home.

Inspireware has, over several years, established ourselves as a specialist and leading supplier in the areas of Education and Corporate Solutions. Our goal is focused on addressing past social injustices in South Africa and all our efforts are geared to this end.

We are a Social Enterprise with a unique product portfolio and approach to education, offering your business a one-of-a-kind, forward-thinking and undeniably rewarding opportunity to invest your CSI budget. What’s more, your investment is claimable under the Socio-Economic Development component of your BBBEE scorecard.

Our successes are tangible, measurable, exciting and gratifying for investors and recipients alike.

How you can make a difference

Our Interactive Classroom Solutions for Primary, High and Further Education

In an article published by GroundUp in December 2016, the writers suggest that “the South African school funding model may be perpetuating rather than redressing an unequal education system”. This is especially prevalent in poorer and more rural areas. Sadly, South Africa has one of the biggest gaps in learning achievements between rich and poor learners, both in Africa and globally.

However, we at Inspireware are taking great strides (and seeing positive outcomes!) towards addressing this gap.

Inspireware offers corporate investors the unique opportunity to meet a school (or schools’) hardware and software needs, transforming the classroom into an exciting and relevant learning environment for both the teacher and the student. However, it doesn’t end there; Inspireware takes care of installation, initial and specialist training to improve the knowledge and capabilities of teachers, and maintenance of all our equipment.

We meet all the needs of the school, ensuring that learners derive the full benefit from our products and that teachers are (often for the first time) equipped and confident in the subject matter they are required to teach.

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A Case Study

In 2015-17 Inspireware partnered with Altron Group to deliver hardware, software and training solutions to two schools, Zandspruit (Grades 4 to 7) and Ithute (Grades 0 to 7), in Gauteng. This project involved the installation of hardware (Inspire Boards, projectors, laptops), the supply of Numeracy and Literacy software for grades R to 9, and extensive training of teachers.

In total 45 teachers received training on our equipment and software, as well as SETA Basic Computer Literacy. During this time 742 learners have been impacted through our work in these schools.

Both Ithute and Zandspruit have seen incremental increases in class average results, in both English and Mathematics, with Zandspruit’s Grade 4 class increasing their Mathematics between terms 1 and 4 by an impressive 30.8%, and Grade 6 achieving an improvement of 24% overall in Mathematics between terms 1 and 4.

Career Guidance - Assessments and Workshops

Inspireware’s Online Career Guide provides individual and comprehensive guidance to South African youth in their search for meaningful career direction.

Our Career Guide tool has been developed in South Africa for South Africans and is uniquely positioned to give high-school leavers deeper insights concerning their interests, skills and personality type, supported by specific, unambiguous career direction, and advice about tertiary studies to pursue in line with their strengths and abilities.

Added to this, Inspireware’s Career Guide provides advice on which tertiary qualifications are available aligned to students’ results, and which South African tertiary institutions have these qualifications available.

Finally, based on their Career Guide report, students are advised on the top jobs most suited to them, with detailed job descriptions provided, and they are advised on the appropriate subject choices they should make.

Follow this link to find out more about our exciting Online Career Guide.

Through this initiative, Inspireware would like to partner with you to donate ICT (Information and communication technologies) equipment to disadvantaged schools. For every R2,00 donated by you, Inspireware will match this. Donations will be used annually to purchase and provide equipment to schools in need.

Bespoke Solutions

Bridging The Gap between High School & University

A Case Study

A major Mining house approached Inspireware in 2015 regarding their educational bursary program. The company was experiencing high rates of failure by their bursary recipients during the first semester of University, despite having selected students with excellent matric results.

We found that these bursary students, selected from rural areas, experienced enormous challenges with the English language at University level and also had difficulty acclimating to a completely new environment away from home.

Out of this understanding, Inspireware partnered with our client to implement a bespoke solution which would respond directly to their needs and the needs of their bursary students.

The Tertiary Education Preparation (TEP) Program was born, with the specific goal of bridging the gap between school and tertiary studies.

This unique program provides bursary students with bridging learning for one year, covering everything from English to Mathematics, Life Orientation, Science and Entrepreneurship. Students are housed at the school in comfortable and well-equipped facilities. Their social skills are developed during this period and they receive career guidance to aid and support their choices for tertiary education.

Inspireware has successfully collaborated with our client for 5 years on this programme, and student selection is currently underway for 2021.

About us

Our Company Mission

To continuously develop products that substantially increase learner understanding and enthusiasm for education

Our Vision Statement

To become the market leader in the development and implementation of curriculum software and interactive technology solutions in Africa.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer a whole solution from hardware, software and workbooks to teacher and learner training. So depending on the level of ICT implementation in a particular school we will be a one stop shop that can install and maintain a complete project. A weekly lesson plan can be issued to all teachers, on the program, so that they can progress at the correct syllabus pace and give details of how to teach and incorporate ICT so that the concepts can be understood by the learners.


A critical part of the success of the software solution is training to enhance the teacher’s knowledge and understanding of the use of technology.

MICT SETA Accredited Education and Training Provider. SACE endorsed.

Inspireware can provide the following:

  • Basic Computer Literacy Training for teachers as well as Strategies to integrate ICT in everyday teaching
  • Curriculum Content Training as well as Pedagogical Knowledge Training to teachers utilising our Training Material
  • Accredit partners to be able to train on our training material on our behalf if required
  • Winter Schools and classes for pupils during holidays for grade 12

Join us in creating an exciting future
for future generations of South Africans!

One of our bespoke solutions: Kitso Ya Boleng

One of our Interactive Classroom Solutions for Disadvantaged Schools

One of our bespoke solutions – Tertiary Education Preparation Program