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The interactive content has been developed in line with the South African National Curriculum Statement (NCS) & the recent rollout of the new CAPS system and covers all the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards.

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Interactive Engaging Content

Our products are the future of education; they allow better understanding from both a teacher and learner point of view. South Africa has a shortage of engineers and technical sciences, and the building blocks for these graduates are Maths and Science. With fewer learners taking high level Maths and Science there is a legitimate concern that this trend will continue unless there is a change in the way these subjects are perceived as difficult. There is a lack of teachers that understand the principals to teach Maths and Science and create excitement for the learners. Inspireware’s content used in this programme is not static digital content but interactive digital content with animations, simulations, games and assessment including interactive whole class teaching aids and tools utilising technology as the platform. The multimedia content is a teaching tool to assist teachers to explain difficult concepts and to make learning fun.

The interactive content has been developed in line with the South African National Curriculum Statement (NCS) & the recent rollout of the new CAPS system and covers all the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards.
E-learning, or learning through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), is a very powerful medium that enables educators and students to achieve national curriculum goals such as: Student-centered learning; Active, Exploratory and Collaborative learning; encouraging creativity, critical thinking and analytical skills.

The content is customized and tailored according to subject matter and language. The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) also endorses the content. The multimedia content is provided in the form of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional animations, simulations, games and assessment. The content was initially developed only in English according to the requirements of South African Department of Basic Education. Further developments will include additional languages.

The software caters for 3 styles of learning namely:






It is also multi-platform which means it can be used on various devices.


Animations – explain topics visually making them easier to understand


Simulations (Activities) – allow educators and students to actually change values and see the effect on different physical phenomena; participating in virtual experiments where lab equipment and rooms are not readily available


Games – reinforcing concepts in a fun way; assessing in a non-threatening environment


Assessment – a combination of static and interactive questions; which is also marked instantly. It has a score history and is tracked by the educator to get a report on each student’s progress.

The content is designed to:

  • Engage students to participate and by doing so they retain information longer
  • Retain concentration longer in class whilst teaching key aspects
  • Address prior learning gaps
  • Be used as a self-learning tool
  • Cater for different learning styles
  • Improve educators pedagogical content knowledge
  • Provide on-demand audio visual content
  • Provide the teacher with additional teacher aids/tools with whole class lessons to further enhance teaching
  • Provide video explanations of difficult concepts that can be watched over and over until understood
  • Provide games, using everyday examples and thus helping students to learn easily
  • Allow for ongoing automated easy assessment that helps track and monitor progress

Interactive Resources

Interactive Resources are a collection of innovative, BETT award-winning products designed for all makes of interactive whiteboard, a projector screen or a large monitor. They contain numerous different resources which enable teachers to explain and develop key concepts with ease. Each resource is clear, colourful, engaging and truly interactive making them a firm favourite with teachers and pupils alike.



Primary Games Series

The Primary Games Series consists of 8 volumes of highly engaging and enjoyable Mathematical games which allow children to learn while having fun. They can be used for whole-class teaching for a truly fun lesson or by individual pupils to encourage self-motivation and learning.


Maths Pack Series

Early years Maths Pack Developed specifically for The Foundation Phase, this comprehensive set of resources is closely linked to the Core Learning Objectives from the new Primary Framework.  Maths Pack 1, Maths Pack 2, Maths Pack 3, Maths Pack 4


Teaching Series

Teaching Time contains a large interactive clock for whole-class teaching and numerous worksheets.  Teaching Tables have fun learning tables.  Teaching Fractions, when used on an interactive whiteboard, the whole-class resources become dynamic and exciting.


Literacy Pack 1

A comprehensive collection of engaging resources.  Literacy Pack 1 provides and interactive edge to Literacy lessons and covers many strands from the new Primary Framework.  It also saves time with ready-made texts and examples.

All listed software is now available for the Apple Mac OS X system.
Your chosen products will be supplied on one, easy to install, CD-ROM entitled ‘Mac Pack‘.

Please specify Apple Mac OS X version when ordering.

  • Digital Curriculum Content in the form of multimedia animations, simulations, activities and games
  • Aligned to the National Curriculum Statement.
  • And in recent years aligned with the new CAPS system and covers all the learning outcomes and assessment standards.
  • Available for Grade 10-12 in Mathematics and Physical Sciences.
  • Extremely easy to use, even for first time computer users.
  • Multimedia software caters to pupils of different learning styles – auditory, visual and kinesthetic
  • Simplifies explanation of abstract concepts
  • Engages pupils and creates interest in Mathematics and Science
  • South-African curriculum-specific, covering all Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards
  • Integrates with all Interactive Whiteboards
  • Suitable for classroom teaching as well as self-learning
  • Windows, Linux and Mac versions available
  • Available as a site licence in two variants – 5 year license and annual
  • Site licence allows installation for 30 users (desktops/laptops)

In-Depth Coverage of all Topics


  • Numbers and Number Operations
  • Functions and Algebra
  • Space, Shape and Measurement
  • Data Handling and Probability

Physical Science

  • Mechanics
  • Waves, Sound and Light
  • Matter and Materials
  • Chemical Systems
  • Chemical Change
  • Electricity and Magnetism

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