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Infrared Thermal Imager

The Inspireware Thermal Imager TI02 is an intelligent device that offers users so much more than a standard handheld thermometer.

Who needs this?

  • Locations that require the screening of large amounts of people
  • Locations that require an accurate and rapid evaluation of their employees / clients
  • Locations that require unobtrusive screening
  • Companies and locations that are able and willing to pay a premium price
  • Companies can also use it as a clocking in system for their employees.


The Inspireware Thermal Imager TI02 is an intelligent device that offers users so much more than a standard hand held thermometer.

  • It maximizes Operator and Testee safety by allowing for safe distance temperature testing.
  • It provides high accuracy and accelerated screening by being able to process temperature measurements at the rate of a person a second.
  • It removes human error by raising multiple high temperature alarms when required and by allowing temperature test data storage.
  • All this in a compact package that can be hand held or installed on a standard camera tripod.

Advantages over Handheld Thermometer

Low Labour Costs

The device does not require a dedicated person to operate it.

Increased Operator and Testee Safety

Operator / Thermal Imager can be over a metre away from Testee thus limiting virus cross infection

Rapid Detection and Screening
  • 1 person per second and 60 people per minute can be tested
  • Quick pass by of people being tested
  • Avoids queuing and gathering
High Temperature Alarm
  • Customizable high-temperature alarm value setting
  • Audible alarm
  • Voice alarm
  • Light and screen prompt alarm
Automatic tracking of high temperature point

Typical Location Applications – can be installed at the entrances to screen all

  • Corporate Offices
  • Industrial / manufacturing sites
  • Mining sites
  • Schools
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Train Stations (e.g. Gautrain)
  • Taxi Ranks
  • Community screening points
  • Screening at Covid-19 testing points
  • Pharmacies – screen all on entry to protect vulnerable customers
  • Shopping centres
  • Large department / grocery stores
  • Taxi / e-haling / food delivery services – shift start checks and checks at restaurant collection points
  • Cinemas, theatre’s, casino’s, theme parks and sporting events – later

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